Tree genomics program sequences 300 macadamia varieties

Australian plant breeders hope to deliver new varieties with key productivity and profitability traits.

Scientists turn to hybrids to combat Greening Disease

Researchers working to address the largest problem among citrus farmers.

Digital technology boosting farm profits

Software enable growers to continually measure and improve their performance, productivity and profits.

Strategic pivots help citrus succeed overseas in 2020

The Australian citrus season has shown great success in key Asian export markets.

Avocados set the PASE for export opportunity

Grant aims to streamline avocado industry export access to Japan and New Zealand.

New fungal disease found on olives in Australia

Olive growers should monitor their groves for disease symptoms in the coming fruit season.

Piece-work rates

For skilled and motivated workers, the financial rewards can be high when using piece-work rates.

Researchers use compressed carbon dioxide to decontaminate almonds and other nuts

Almonds retain their characteristic flavor and quality using this process.

High tech sensors spot the sweetest peaches

How do you know if a peach is sweet without taking a bite?

Dogs join frontline to detect citrus canker

Australian dogs will be trained to sniff-out the destructive citrus canker disease.

Australian-first seasonal worker trial program extended

Seasonal worker trial program extended to help Queensland farmers harvest their produce.

Australian macadamia crop higher than expected

Contributing to the higher crop were a significant number of new macadamia plantings.

Tevel Aerobotics - best field robot concept award winner

Prize awarded for flying autonomous robot used for picking various types of fruits.

Increased lychee yields from managed pollination

Maximising pollination in tropical tree crops.

Ultra-fine lime granules key to controlling pH

The new technology we introduced is the ability to put ultra-fine particles into a robust 3–5mm granule.