Calls for automation with local support

Dealing with local manufacturers is now more important than ever given supply chain issues.

New gas fumigant for almonds and other nuts

Broad-spectrum control of stored product and quarantine pests.

Tomra Cascade singulator, a game-changer in cherries

New machine is gentle on cherries and will reduce operating hours and maintenance costs.

Ongoing R&D helps stop post-harvest diseases

New post harvest solution for mango.

Machine vision system for safe almond grading

A hyperspectral camera for detecting contamination such as aflatoxin B1 - a world first.

Researchers look at new sensor and traceability technologies

Improving the quality and consistency of exported cherries.

Woolworths reveals details about its avocados

"The best case scenario for avocados being delivered from farm to shelf is around seven days."

COSTA launches digital traceability platform

Fruit stickers will enhance business supply chain traceability and consumer engagement.

Film designed to detect pesticide residue

An inexpensive stick-on film may soon be available to detect residues on fresh produce.

Labour automation now crucial for producers

Automation protects against unexpected market shocks which can cause major picking and packhouse staff shortages.

A better alternative to drenching apples and pears

Over 60,000 bins of fruit have already been treated in Australia.

APAL Post-harvest Seminar goes online

Online event is free to all attendees.

Researchers use compressed carbon dioxide to decontaminate almonds and other nuts

Almonds retain their characteristic flavor and quality using this process.

High tech sensors spot the sweetest peaches

How do you know if a peach is sweet without taking a bite?

Real-time temp tracking of Vic export cherries

Project aims to improve coolchain for Victorian cherries exported to SE Asia.