Gallagher protects the nation

Electric fencing is a cost-effective and reliable way to control animal movement, manage pasture and achieve strong conservation outcomes.

Making senesce out of senescence post-harvest

Kendon Chemicals general manager Chris Story says senescence is actually regarded as an evolutionary acquired process which is critical for plant fitness.

FrostBoss has a growing army of fans

In the realm of frost protection, FrostBoss stands out as a pioneering solutions provider to global growers.

Wise decision for management

When Neale Bennett from Cowanna Almonds was looking for some software to enable him to run his pumps accurately and remotely, he looked no further than Wiseconn.

Cropliner blows competition away

Croplands is helping a busy family business in South Australia reach its full potential.

Scholar pays off

Martos Mangoes has grown from a bare block of land to a thriving orchard of 30,000 R2E2 mango trees in Bowen, North Queensland - although it has taken the family-run enterprise more than 30 years to become the overnight success it is.

SEGURIS Flexi – a flexible option for almonds

Century Orchards grows 700ha of almonds at Loxton in South Australia’s Riverland, with about half their trees Nonpareil, with the balance mostly a mix of Carmel, Peerless, Price and Monterey.