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The primary audience of Australian Tree Crop magazine is the growers of pome fruit, stone fruit, almonds, macadamias, citrus, avocados, speciality and tropical trees, mangoes, olives and other tree crops throughout Australia.

These readers are primarily the owners, managers, and employees of these tree crop enterprises. Our readers account for at least 80% of production in each of these market segments. This includes large corporate growers and both large and small family farms.

The secondary audience of Australian Tree Crop magazine is the advisers, researchers, horticulturalists, agronomists, and suppliers who provide services, advice, and inputs to tree crop producers. This includes crop inputs like agchems and fertiliser, orchard machinery, processing and storage products and services — providing a two-way exchange of information to the farm from the suppliers and advisors, and vice versa.

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Australian Tree Crop magazine has a ‘featured crops’ section in each issue and a comprehensive series of ‘special features’ aimed at the seasonal demand for information. The magazine also has a ‘new products’ section allowing advertisers to promote new products and services anytime. Advertisers are invited to support their advertising with editorials for these features.

You should consider advertising in Australian Tree Crop magazine if you sell products and services to those growers producing pome fruit, stone fruit, cherries, citrus, avocados, mangoes, other tropical and subtropical crops, olives, native fruits, coffee, almonds, macadamias, walnuts and other nuts and blueberries.

Australian Tree Crop magazine is an A4-sized publication produced on quality stock. The circulation is approximately 2200 and is published six times a year between January and December.

The magazine is also available online via the Australian Tree Crop magazine website.


Australian Tree Crop is sent free to growers, major agricultural suppliers, advisers, researchers, and advertisers, keeping up with the latest industry developments.