Clean up so you don’t get cleaned out

Coming to the end of harvest, and starting to think about pruning? Have you considered how you and your contractors will disinfect pruning tools?

Go nuts over this big little unit

The OB70R through Nut Solutions Australia, is billed as the smallest ride-on pick-up/collecting machine with an extendable hydraulic arm for high-level emptying.

Citrus boss puts squeeze on Queensland government

Citrus Australia has called on the Queensland government to provide further financial assistance to citrus growers in the state’s far north, as transport costs escalate following ex-tropical cyclone Jasper.

Greentech reaches to profitability

In the orchard industry it’s all about reach – after all, if left alone, some trees can get pretty tall. Take macadamias. Forget about them for five minutes (or 30-odd years) and they can go 20m.

FrostBoss has a growing army of fans

In the realm of frost protection, FrostBoss stands out as a pioneering solutions provider to global growers.

Pruning the kindest cut for citrus industry

Pruning the kindest cut for citrus industry

Wise decision for management

When Neale Bennett from Cowanna Almonds was looking for some software to enable him to run his pumps accurately and remotely, he looked no further than Wiseconn.

Automation to revolutionise the future

YOU own a large scale, remote vineyard and you’ve found the operator from heaven, who can manage the mowing, mulching, trimming, spraying.

You don't want Lace (bug) in your place

I see olive trees used as features or ornamental foliage in towns around restaurants; some homeowners like them as they are hardy, have a grey-green foliage, a variation on other foliage colours. By this time of the year many have yellowed leaves among the grey-green – an olive lace bug (OLB) symptom.

Mixed fortunes for hort

New data shows mixed fortunes for an Australian horticulture sector facing numerous challenges; however, the long-term outlook remains strong with total production value increasing by 2.8 per cent to $16.3 billion.

Fingerlimes find commercial niche

You never know where your passion can take you and for Jade King, her love of education, agriculture and unique Australian produce has led her down a path she never thought she would travel and somewhat suprisingly, into the world of native fingerlime production.

PBR decision takes shine off apples

On January 12, the Angers, France, based Board of Appeal of the Community Plant Variety Office issued its long-awaited decision in the dispute concerning the novelty of Cripps Pink and Cripps Red apple varieties.

Aussie fingerlimes wow chefs worldwide

This nutrient rich Australian native fingerlime, with its distinctive pearls of citrus caviar, vibrant colours and novel flavours, has captured the imagination and taste buds of chefs and consumers around the world.

Australian almond boss is California dreaming

The man steering the Australian almond juggernaut is not long back from a major industry conference in California with a few problems and a lot of potential on his hands.

Cropliner blows competition away

Croplands is helping a busy family business in South Australia reach its full potential.