Sterile insect technology controls codling moth

A pilot sterile insect release program for controlling codling moths is being evaluated in three Tasmanian apple orchards.

Research explores wider fungicide effectiveness

Independent field research is set to continue into the wider effectiveness of key fungicides against various disease complexes in macadamias.

Miravis Prime trusted fungicide in blueberries

Aaron and Harmeet Singh, blueberry growers-turned-rural merchandisers on the NSW North Coast, have steadily built a clientele based upon the trusted recommendation of quality products with proven results.

Setting up for a fruitful orchard season

Research published in NSW DPI’s Orchard plant protection guide 2022 has shown that any weed growth in the first three months after planting will reduce tree growth.

Grochem gets organic tick

Organic growers can rely on products from Grochem Australia to help manage weeds and pests in their orchards.

Improving Australia’s biosecurity toolkit

Pest and Disease Image Library is relaunched.

Control of macadamia husk spot

Custodia Forte offers a more cost-effective and reliable option, plus the convenience of reduced handling, packaging and waste.

NSW Macadamia Plant Protection Guide released

The 8th edition of the NSW Macadamia Plant Protection Guide is now available online.

Seguris Flexi fungicide leaves good impression

New fungicide in almonds for seasonal application at hull split.

Monitoring cuts down sprays in avocados

The regular monitoring of insect pests beneficial insects is helping to reduce the amount of insecticide applications needed in avocado orchards in the Bundaberg region of Queensland.

Better pest and disease control options for macadamias

New IPM options with additional advantages for macadamia growers.

Superior disease protection for almonds

Copper fungicides play a key role in disease management in almonds.

New registrations for Belanty

New disease control options for macadamia, almonds and apples.

Luna Sensation provides avocado disease control

Broad spectrum disease control in avocado.

Fungicide vital addition to Tassie apple program

Talendo works on three important stages of the powdery mildew life cycle.