Seguris Flexi fungicide leaves good impression

Aug. 15, 2022 | 5 Min read
New fungicide in almonds for seasonal application at hull split.

Almond orchardists were recently able to use the newly registered Seguris Flexi fungicide for the first time in their crops, creating positivity for the season ahead.

The registration of Seguris Flexi fungicide in almonds had been eagerly anticipated and was available in time for growers to use a seasonal application at hull split.

Nutrien Ag Solutions agronomist Paul Wellington recommended Seguris Flexi fungicide to a number of his clients, making the most of the new fungicide technology.

“Seguris Flexi came into the market a little later than I had hoped, but we were able to get a few sprays on.”

Seguris Flexi fungicide provides protection against rust, hull rot, blossom blight, shoot blight and brown rot, among other diseases including anthracnose, scab and shot hole.

“Having that range of diseases is really helpful,” Mr Wellington said. “Seguris Flexi has robust chemistry, giving us a good fit to use early and late in the season.”

Being a single mode of action and a Group 7 provides greater flexibility when tailoring a fungicide program to grower needs. This flexibility has been warmly welcomed by Mr Wellington.

“We had been looking for a different product to control diseases as a few chemicals have been removed from the market. Seguris Flexi fungicide gives us another tool, which will be important across the season.”

Mr Wellington’s hopes for Seguris Flexi fungicide are positive, as he looks forward to making further assessments under a variety of disease pressure situations.

“There were no issues with mixing or application. The results so far look good and I’m just waiting to see how long the control has lasted as the season has been pretty soft in some areas, so I’m looking forward to seeing a few more crops where disease has been more prevalent.”

Research trials by Syngenta have indicated up to 21 days protection as the active ingredient absorbs into the waxy layer of the plant, providing good residual activity as well as two-hour rainfastness.

Syngenta portfolio lead Scott Mathew said the recent introduction of Seguris Flexi fungicide and the extension of the Amistar 250 SC fungicide label to include additional diseases had provided needed options.

“In addition to Seguris Flexi fungicide, Syngenta has gained a label extension of Amistar 250 SC fungicide to protect against blossom blight, brown rot, shot blight, shot hole, rust and suppression of hull rot, making this another cost-effective single mode of action fungicide for a wide number of diseases.”

Provided Amistar 250 SC isn’t used consecutively, Mr Mathew said orchardists can opt to use this mode of action group up to three times a season as part of a robust spray program.

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