• $2.7M funding for mangoes
  • NSW Varroa net widens
  • APAL Awards for Excellence
  • Hort Connections 2022 – wrap-up

Featured crop – Nuts

  • Rain impacts walnut and almond harvests
  • Beneficial insects help control macadamia pests
  • Processors can gain from sorting technologies

Featured crop – Mangoes

  • Auto-harvester set to revolutionise mangoes
  • Effective insecticides for mango shoot looper
  • Effective insecticides for mango shoot looper
  • Orchard intensification for higher mango yields
  • Honey Gold grower wins award in fourth season
  • Satellites successfully predict mango yields
  • Technology advances in the mango industry

Fruit Fly

Know your Pest

Tree crop insights

  • Qld trial tests value of climate-smart Pongamia
  • UNE’s AARSC develops Australian Tree Crop Map


  • Seguris Flexi fungicide leaves good impression
  • New miticide for tree crops
  • Fertiliser can reduce CO2 emissions
  • New frost insurance for tree crops
  • ‘HitMan’ soap the forgotten insecticide

Technology in orchards

  • Pheromone trap analysis on xarvio Scouting app
  • Tech solution for piece rates on cherries farms
  • Smart Agritech: the key to yield and scalability
  • New software modules from Tie Up Farming

Orchard establishment & maintenance

  • Top tips for new orchard plantings
  • Top tips for maintaining frost fans this winter
  • Benefits of on-farm orchard weather stations
  • New "Soil Activ" improves nutrient availability
  • Exciting time ahead for red flesh early mandarin

Flowering, thinning & PGR's

  • Expanded use pattern for apple, pome thinner
  • Softer insecticide option for managing lace bug
  • Shape your orchard trees with Regalis Plus
  • Bee Klipp for improved hive performance
  • The role of stingless bee pollination in NT mango orchards