• Project benefits mango growers
  • FMC adopts RapidAIM pest detection
  • Collaboration to build digital track-and-trace
  • Register now for 2022 Hort Connections
  • PHA’s three strategic pillars
  • NZ Frost Fans' new board member

Featured Crop - Almonds

  • Optical sorter adds value to almonds
  • Trusted Altacor Hort insecticide’s makeover
  • High density plantings increase almond yields
  • Can beneficial bacteria help salinity tolerance?
  • Busy bees still on the job despite challenges
  • Grochem fungicides give superior protection
  • Unlocking your orchard’s production potential
  • New gas fumigant for almonds and other nuts

Featured Crop - Olives

  • Think again about olive oil yield potential
  • Project improving water productivity in olives
  • A record year for Australian olives

Fruit Fly

  • Mediterranean fruit fly in Australia pose risk
  • National award for GMV fruit fly program
  • 2021/22 shaping up as a major fruit fly season

Know Your Pest

  • Mighty small mites, but mighty big damage!

Tree Crop Insights

  • Trees flourish with CQU automated irrigation
  • Directing shoot growth to where it’s needed

Products & Services News

  • Bugs for Bugs – IPM specialists
  • Ellepot avoids transplant shock
  • Belanty’s new nut and pome registrations


  • Cherries benefit from fruit sizing technology
  • Calls for automation with local support
  • Predicting the shelf life of mango fruit cultivars

Business Solutions & Labour

  • Weathering the Storm: Creating a PEOPLE team
  • Technology helps meet Hort Award changes
  • Minimum rate guarantee with ABCgrower
  • Pacific Islanders’ skills change lives back home
  • Invest now to gear your operations for success
  • Labour hire risks to keep in mind