• Defending our deciduous fruit orchards
  • Next chapter for mango hybrids
  • Biosecurity and marketing boost for chestnuts
  • Eradication of exotic fruit fly from Torres Strait
  • Chemical Use Toolkit helping growers

Featured Crop - Pome & Stone Fruit

  • Avoid inking, skin burn and ‘gravel rash’ stains
  • Fungicide vital addition to Tassie apple program
  • Estimating stone fruit number, size and colour
  • Codling moth product benefits apple growers
  • Pollen ‘home delivery’ service for honey bees
  • New portable sensor to measure fruit quality
  • Managing variability for performance and profit!
  • Soil ameliorant boosts waterlogged apples
  • Laser cuts bird damage by 90% in apple orchard

Fruit Fly

  • Could biopesticides help tackle Qfly?
  • Sterile fruit flies gain upper hand in GMV
  • Longer holding period lifts SIT Qfly results

Know Your Pest

  • The sound of crickets and grasshoppers is coming

Tree Crop Insights

  • Dragon fruit grown on open Tatura system

Products & Services News

  • Most powerful and also quietest fan
  • New flexible fungicide for almonds
  • Katabatic drift explained and how to avoid it
  • New irrigation cleaning and conditioning
  • Kenso: 20 years of tree crop protection
  • Game changer in propagation technology
  • Crown gall – nature’s own GM creation
  • Valuable tool for water management

Fertilisers & Nutrition

  • Gypsum application made simple
  • Calcium and silicon ‘an ideal partnership’
  • Ultimate Crop Block protects fruit
  • Perfect mangoes need balanced crop nutrition
  • Consider Agrisilica in crop nutrition programs

Insect & Mite Control

  • New IPM product for macadamias
  • IPM in macadamias: not a single fix, but options
  • New Angler trap for stone and pome fruit
  • US findings prompt trial success in local almonds

Organic Farming

  • Beloukha herbicide for organic growers
  • Organics in Australia on a growth trajectory
  • Blueberry rust control on organic farms