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Apr/May 2021

Released May 6, 2021

Inside this Issue:


  • Crop modelling predicts bigger 2020 nut harvest
  • World’s biggest macadamia packer expands
  • Serious disease risk found at city mail centre
  • Solid result for Honey Gold 2020 harvest
  • Growcom unveils new look database
  • Guide shows importance of pesticides

Featured Crop - Avocado

  • Pre-harvest minerals for postharvest quality
  • Harnessing export data to improve avo quality
  • Soluble calcium boosts avocado fruit quality
  • Putting the future of avocados on ice

Featured Crop - Citrus

  • ID traceability trial a game changer for citrus
  • Enhancing fruit colour with Nectar Intense
  • Growers eradicate citrus canker from Top End
  • Corteva helping citrus growers adapt to IPM
  • Is there a link between lucerne and gall wasp?

Fruit Fly

  • Gomicro provides next level in fruit fly control
  • Increased Qfly pressure a concern for growers

Know Your Pest

  • Beetles: telling good guys from bad guys!

Tree Crop Insights

  • Nitrogen loss pathways and fertiliser usage
  • Wet summer ideal test for erosion research
  • Maintaining a branch hierarchy in fruit trees

Products & Services News

  • Nursery uses Ellepot to avoid transplant shock
  • GYP-FLO gypsum still the best!
  • New organic fungicide from Grochem
  • App makes managing farm tasks easier
  • Focus on the target for best nutrient results
  • InSeason Ag has all your tree crops covered
  • Web monitoring now bundled with FrostBoss

INSIGHTS: Spraying Equipment & Application

  • Spray technology reaches new heights
  • Keeping track of your chemical applications
  • The latest sprayer tech from Tornado sprayers
  • Getting the most from your insecticide dollar
  • Spraying made easy with Croplands Mist Ultra
  • Spray calibration and coverage for tree crops

INSIGHTS: Marketing & Export

  • Kalafatis Fresh Produce Zetapack soft solution
  • Freshcare introduces new QR code security
  • Using smart trackers to monitor cherry exports
  • Supply chain data aids Asian avocado exports