• Traceability grants boost Oz reputation
  • New APVMA almond and olive permits
  • Horticulture Conference returns for 2021
  • Safe disposal of agvet chemicals

Company Profile

  • Colin Campbell (Chemicals) - 80 years and growing

Featured Crop - Almonds

  • Almond spur behaviour and fruiting next season
  • Online tools improve your almond irrigation
  • Understanding roots for greater efficiency
  • Advances in yield mapping during harvest
  • ABA webinars overcome COVID-19 challenges
  • Aeration drying boosts late season almonds

Featured Crop - Olives

  • National olive IPDM project completed
  • Harvesting olives and almonds with Pellenc
  • Australian olives 2020: a year of learning

Fruit Fly

  • Blueprint for national fruit fly cooperation
  • Clean, easy monitoring of insect pests
  • La Niña set to trigger more fruit fly activity
  • Fruit growers slam Gov over fruit fly funding

Know Your Pest

  • It’s an inside job!

Tree Crop Insights

  • ‘Deficit’ irrigation produces optimum yield
  • Free app gives adverse weather warnings

Products & Services News

  • Nutrition is more than just NPK ratio


  • A better alternative to drenching pome fruit
  • Montague chooses ‘FreshCloud’ QA system
  • Labour automation now crucial for producers
  • Gas phase nutrients ‘feed the fruit’
  • Reid Fruits smart tech beats cherry label fraud
  • Preconditioning key to top stone fruit quality
  • Postharvest treatments improve avocados

Business Solutions & Labour

  • Workplaces after COVID: What you need to know
  • Digital technology improving profits
  • Labour shortage tipped to reach 26,000 workers
  • AgPick tool tracks pickers during pandemic