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Oct/Nov 2020

Released Nov. 10, 2020

Inside this Issue:


  • Extraordinary bee’s impact on our food
  • Tree crop growers’ stories aired on TV Ten
  • Research to help bushfire recovery
  • Strong season forecast for mangoes
  • National olive IPDM project in final phase
  • Macadamia crop to exceed expectations

Featured Crop – Pome & Stone Fruit

  • Systems approach success against QFF
  • High tech sensors spot the sweetest peaches
  • Innovative approach to fruit yield estimation
  • Real-time temp tracking of Vic export cherries
  • Fine Agrochemicals expands PGR portfolio
  • Talendo for control of powdery mildew
  • Hand thinning to achieve croploads

Fruit Fly

  • Sterile fruit flies slash Qld fruit fly population
  • Notification process for fruit fly in produce

Bees & Pollination

  • Increased lychee yields from pollination
  • Sustainable pollination protects biodiversity
  • Getting the facts on effective pollination
  • Rebuilding the honey industry after the fires

Tree Crop Insights

  • Aerial imaging for deadly tree disease
  • Close planting restricts roots and promotes yield

Products & Services News

  • Advances in moisture measurement
  • Ellebag system eliminates plastic bags
  • Protecting crops from smoke, rain and sunburn

INSIGHTS: Fertilisers & Nutrition

  • Improving yields with low-cost calcium silicate
  • Soluble calcium boosts avocado fruit quality
  • Soil texture key to blueberry care
  • Ultra-fine lime granules key to controlling pH

INSIGHTS: Insect & Mite Control

  • Get to know your insect and mite enemies!
  • Safely control fruit spotting bug with Trivor
  • Use Californicus against two-spotted mite

INSIGHTS: Organic Farming

  • New organic herbicide great for tree crops
  • Organics blooming in the face of COVID