• Citrus growers' delegation to China
  • Kanzi apples under new management
  • Plant health a top priority
  • Work to prepare for hort virus
  • Another year of contrast for cherries
  • Taking avo research to growers
  • CQ University survey
  • Global fertiliser outlook

Featured Crop - Macadamias

  • Nutting out a soapberry solution
  • What's more tempting than macadamias?
  • Silicon fertiliser increases yield and quality
  • Rains start to quell big thirst
  • Drone technology flying high

Featured Crop - Specialty Trees

  • Success in the palm of their hand
  • Double your crop potential
  • Biosecurity - Black twig borer
  • Custard apple spraying tips

Fruit Fly

  • The impact of weather on QFF
  • Caffeine, sex and fruit flies
  • United approach to AWM

Bees and Pollination

  • BEE lab provides new insights
  • Plan 'Bee'
  • Self-fertilising almond varieties

Tree Crop Insights

  • Rootstock trials answer 'what to plant'
  • Irrigation management for stonefruit
  • Best practice in the supply chain
  • Control your pests, unleash your allies

Product and Services News

  • Fertiliser the key to producing quality

Packaging, labelling and postharvest

  • Understanding microbial risks vital
  • Embracing 'traceability' technology
  • Setting the citrus bar high in 2020
  • Grochem grows its product range

Tractors and machinery

  • Nutting out a real spray solution
  • New sprayer boosts yields and quality
  • Weeding out the opposition
  • Specialist machinery for specific needs


  • Use the 1-2-3 rule for best results
  • Felco celebrates 20 years in Australia
  • Shedding new light on solar irrigation