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June/July 2019

Released June 19, 2019

Inside this Issue:


  • Labour licensing good news for ‘hort’
  • Record crop to drive almond exports
  • Citrus Market Outlook Forum 2020
  • Hort at forefront of ‘sustainability
  • Genome editing techniques regulated
  • MIA grower cracks award shortlist
  • ‘Tristate’ avo production on the rebound

Featured Crop - Nuts

  • Gympie under-tree netting trial a winner
  • Macadamia – nutrients, flowering and nut set
  • Dehusking pinpointed for improvement
  • Solid expectations for 2019 macadamia crop

Featured Crop - Mango

  • Mango intensification – small trees – big results!
  • Understanding mango flowering in Darwin
  • Going organic with mango production
  • ‘Red’ alert for growers
  • Step closer to understanding mango disorder

Fruit Fly

  • Ecology research to combat fruit fly burden
  • Safe guarding against spotted wing drosophila
  • Conference delegates see ‘Blue Skies’
  • Real time fruit fly monitoring

Tree Crop Insight

  • Understanding climate change makes cents
  • Procurement for beginners
  • Finding a faster way to grow
  • Effects of crop load on apple fruit maturity

INSIGHTS: Technology in Agriculture

  • The robot set to reduce workplace injuries
  • Tying up the digital space
  • The $6.5million ‘intelligent’ farmer
  • Auto-harvester prototype a world first

INSIGHTS: Orchard Establishment and Maintenance

  • How branches and limbs affect productivity
  • Breaking new ground on pre planting
  • Addressing frost damage in citrus
  • Grafted trees the best start for mango growers

INSIGHTS: Flowering, Thinning and PGRs

  • New ‘tech’ establishes ‘new’ ground rules
  • Bee prepared for almond pollination
  • Bee-Scent . . . a heaven sent solution
  • Holistic approach to avo pollination
  • Bloomin’ marvellous
  • The latest buzz on colony research
  • New thinning agent shines in first season