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Australian Tree Crop fills an important role in informing and educating tree crop growers, managers, and grower advisors on all aspects of tree crop production across all types of tree crops.

Its primary focus is on increasing grower productivity and profitability by harnessing the knowledge and tools to grow better crops, combat the ongoing challenges of pests and diseases, and get growers’ produce to end-user markets in the best condition to achieve the best price.

The great strength of Tree Crop is its sharing of cross-industry knowledge. Most often, what is learned and applies to one tree crop also applies to many others. This knowledge sharing is vital in improving overall tree crop profitability and strategic area-wide management of pests and diseases.

Tree Crop also plays an important role in extending robust scientific and industry research into varieties and management practices; market access and improving the understanding of storage and transport on crop quality.

Some of this research is well-established but not yet widely adopted, while someis newly emerging. Tree Crop is fortunate to have some of the industry’s leading experts regularly contributing research and technical articles.

Tree Crop also showcases the products and techniques from key agchem, nutrition and agtech suppliers which are helping improve all aspects of managing tree crops: Ag inputs and farm labour, harvest, packing, grading, postharvest treatments, and storage. These insights, together with advice on implementing sound integrated pest management and resistance management strategies are aimed at improving success rates while reducing environmental impacts.

This helps growers adopt best practices along with the tools to improve their orchards and plantations.

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