• New harvest info service provider (HTIS)
  • New editor for Australian Tree Crop
  • Enhanced bee surveillance
  • Bushfire funding for apple growers
  • New research into citrus postharvest
  • Sky’s the limit for hazelnut growth

Featured Crop - Mangoes

  • Mango litter linked to fruit colour penalty
  • Mango flowering shift as climate warms
  • Fruit Fly control in mangoes

Tree Crop Insights

  • Stop the drop

Fruit Fly

  • Powerful fruit fly trap
  • Research shows QFF has a nose for trouble
  • GMV records 60% drop in fruit fly numbers

Products and Services News

  • PCWB permit for persimmons
  • Transtak fruit bin trailers
  • Cashback on Cropliners

Technology in Agriculture

  • Monitoring crop growth from the sky
  • Aussie input goes into global orchard app
  • Orchard goes digital to combat future climate
  • Counterfeiters caught by ‘smart’ fingerprints
  • What does digitisation of farming really mean?

Orchard Establishment and Maintenance

  • Longer lasting control of orchard weeds
  • Managing root growth for better productivity
  • Using microbiology to improve tree growth
  • New BASF DMI combats fungicide resistance
  • Safer pruning with new shears
  • Tatura trellis outperforms vase
  • The right rootstock essential to success

Flowering, Thinning and PGRs

  • New smart app for fruit thinning
  • Bee Klipp use expands
  • Bee management in macadamia
  • Enhance pollination with Bee-Scent
  • ASE cuts thinning cost and boosts quality
  • Preparing hives for almond pollination
  • Attract more bees with BeeKeeper