• Citrus boss fury over juice health rating
  • Launch of PIPS3 orchard program
  • APAL supports backpacker visas
  • Citrus Aust CEO defends program

Featured Crop - Cherries

  • Foliar micronutrients essential in cherries
  • Crop load determines cherry yield and quality
  • Tracing our horticultural exports
  • New project to help horticultural exporters
  • Technology upgrades essential this harvest

Featured Crop - Tropical Trees

  • Aust custard apples: jewels of the tropics
  • More Australian coffee growers wanted!
  • Coffee industry aiming at #1 in sustainability
  • Luna Sensation gets label extension

Tree Crop Insights

  • Tatura revolutionises fruitgrowing Aust-wide
  • Quad-stem V-trellis conversion pays off

Fruit Fly

  • Manage fruit fly better with Fruition Nova
  • Time to start tackling Queensland fruit fly
  • Rough handling causes 25% fruit fly deaths

Product & Services News

  • Sustainable organic pest control option
  • Helping nature beat pests
  • Biostimulants improve soil health

Disease and Weed control

  • Avocados and bananas with a sprinkle of sugar
  • Stroby still best for black spot and mildew
  • High load glufosinate granule offers benefits
  • Tree shaking stops nut drop in macadamias
  • Potential answer to citrus greening disease


  • Severe labour shortage looming!
  • Eliminate worries this nut harvesting season
  • Harvest app saves time and money
  • Delivering traceability and increased visibility
  • Macadamia turf trial to choose best mixes

Water Supply & Irrigation

  • Confirming irrigation events online
  • ‘Smart’ water system boosts tree crop yields
  • Bayer’s answer to major pests of tree crops