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Feb/Mar 2021

Released March 5, 2021

Inside this Issue:


  • Key sponsor for 2021 Hort Connections
  • Hort valued at $15 billion in 2019/20
  • Australian nut conference moved to 2022
  • Growers in crisis over picker shortage

Featured Crop - Macadamia

  • The incessant crunch of caterpillars
  • Grower of the Year: Garry and Andrea Sheppard
  • Premier macadamia event in November
  • Clean Coastal Catchment project
  • Cracking a tough nut for macadamia growers
  • Nutrient replacement: variety or kernel size?

Featured Crop - Specialty Trees

  • From cherry to cuppa – going the next step
  • Carob & Moringa for health and environment
  • Cocoa production R&D in Far North Qld
  • Australian truffles – a growing success story
  • Date industry project targets better yields
  • Pomegranate RD&E plan paints bright future

Fruit Fly

  • Fruition Nova trap best for fruit fly control
  • Tracing the origins of fruit fly incursions

Bees & Pollination

  • Artificial pollination trial in Vic almonds
  • It’s easier than ever to ‘BeeConnected’

Tree Crop Insights

  • Screening rootstocks for abiotic stress
  • Six steps to preparing topsoil for planting

Products & Services News

  • New miticide for pome and stone fruit
  • Fertigation now easily accessible
  • Advantage Ag granules give better uptake

INSIGHTS: Tractors & Machinery

  • Antonio Carraro Tractor increases model range
  • Italian Fischer mowers and weeding systems

INSIGHTS: Packaging & labelling

  • Robotic packing eases farm labour shortage
  • CherryHill cherries: a brand worth protecting
  • A compact fruit grader ideal for smaller runs


  • Mobishear backed by a commitment to service
  • Eclipse reveals latest pruning advancements
  • Prunion for precision, comfort and battery life
  • Ausvine Kirogn pruners suit all tree crops