• Hort Connections 21 hailed success
  • Fresh Markets Australia wins MOYA 2021
  • $28m program to lift on-farm productivity
  • Fruit fly gets extra funding in Victoria

Featured Crop - Nuts

  • Managing pests and predators in pistachios
  • Proven new fumigant for almonds and other nuts
  • TOMRA sorter combines lasers and engineering
  • What causes dark stains at pistachio harvest?
  • Aussie walnuts on track for production record

Featured Crop - Mangoes

  • What are the potential mango pollinators in NT?
  • NT grower scoops Honey Gold award
  • Satellites predict mango yields with 90% accuracy
  • Mango fruit quality for export supply chains

Fruit Fly

  • Biocontrol research targets Qfly populations

Tree Crop Insights

  • ‘Rose Bright’ nectarine rootstocks and crop load

Know Your Pest

  • Know your pest: weevils

Products & Services News

  • UPL launches new GoActiv Technology
  • Stop theft from orchards
  • Plug and play installation for Zetapack

Technology in Agriculture

  • Going paperless is easy and boosts productivity
  • Digital trading keeps your finger on the pulse
  • Precision agriculture isn't what they say it is
  • Machine vision system for safe almond grading

Orchard Establishment & Maintenance

  • Plant deciduous trees any time of the year
  • Lightweight metal trellis affordable with Trellex
  • Cost-effective netting popular with growers
  • Chemical-free weeding with Fischer
  • Tips on finding the right rootstocks and cultivars
  • Kenso – A focus on glufosinate herbicide

Flowering, Thinning and PGRs

  • Powering pollinators to boost almond yields
  • CSIRO fingerprints show true origins of honey
  • Victoria prepares for 2021 almond pollination
  • Fine Agrochemicals has thriving PGR portfolio