• New Almond Board CEO
  • APAL returns $500,000 to hort funding
  • Picker outlook for 2021 crops
  • Montague enters citrus industry
  • Tasmanian cherry exports up by 40%

Featured Crop - Cherries

  • Stress and strain in the cherry skin and cuticle
  • Data integrity critical for Koala Cherries
  • Trials yield confidence in Qfly trade protocol
  • APT picking technology targets cherry growers
  • New sensor measures sugar levels in cherries

Featured Crop - Tropical Trees

  • Resilience and profits of high-density jackfruit
  • Growing custard apples using biological systems
  • UQ uses ‘digital twins’ for orchard modelling
  • New research identifies best mango pollinators
  • Tropical plant industry biosecurity surveillance
  • Cover crop plantings key to regenerative farming

Fruit Fly

  • A systems approach to fruit fly management
  • Corteva plays key role in fight against SA fruit fly

Know Your Pest

  • Get ready for the spring pest invasion!

Tree Crop Insights

  • Plant walnuts closer. Unthinkable? Think again!
  • Irradiation opens access to new export markets

Products and Services News

  • Stop the drop with Bio-HOLD
  • Nitrate fertiliser lowers your carbon footprint

Disease Control

  • Almond fungicides continue to perform
  • Croplands leads the way in spray coverage
  • Luna Sensation effective on avocado disease
  • Ongoing R&D helps stop post-harvest diseases

Mite Control

  • Hit mites hard and early with Kanemite miticide

Water Supply & Irrigation

  • Prioritising investments with aerial imaging data
  • Growers using drones to make every drop count
  • Sentek Technologies has a probe for all seasons


  • Orchard-Rite: shaker and mover in craftsmanship
  • GrowData harvest app saves time and money
  • Inspired Ag’s harvesting solutions find favour
  • Labour assist platform improves efficiency