• Fair Work ruling on piece rates
  • Robot traps pests and fungal spores
  • Biosecurity plan protects Aussie citrus industry
  • Agtech solution a ‘game changer’

Featured Crop - Macadamias

  • Integrated approach to crop nutrition
  • Better chemistry offers options for macadamias
  • Global macadamia demand to triple
  • Using yield to calculate macadamia nutrition
  • HVP’s new A-Series macadamia varieties
  • New research into macadamia lace bug
  • Using satellites to predict macadamia yields

Featured Crop - Specialty Trees

  • National persimmon evaluation program
  • Truffle orchard floor management
  • Pongamia genetics partnership grows
  • Sacred Bodhi tree’s journey to Australia
  • Biodiversity benefits being studied in trial
  • The beauty of the beauty leaf tree

Fruit Fly

  • Fruit fly management: cracking the code
  • NFFC funding to prevent fruit fly incursions
  • GMV program targets exotic pest fruit flies

Know Your Pest

  • Understanding aphids

Bees & Pollination

  • Free genetic testing for Australian breeders
  • Surveillance project monitors bee pests

Tree Crop Insights

  • Gaps in tree canopies are big money losers

Products and Services News

  • GPS picking app for orchards
  • Easyfresh locks in freshness
  • How to improve fruit quality and life with ReTain
  • Fencing clip for orchards
  • Agrisilica for better yields
  • ABC minimum wage meets Hort Award
  • Quality the key to Top-End mangoes


  • Machines boost profits and fill the labour gap
  • Factory expansion marks 50 years of Croplands


  • Auspouch solution for producers and retailers
  • World's top macadamia processor buys Tomra 5C


  • Latest Italian pruning equipment from Eclipse
  • Mobishear handles tough pruning work with ease