New fumigant for almonds and other nuts

Zythor Gas Fumigant from Ensystex is new to Australia, but it comes with a long and trusted heritage. Ensystex has been selling Zythor in the USA since 2007.

Ensystex regional director Steve Broadbent says it is a significant scientific and technical challenge to bring a fumigant through the APVMA regulatory system, and this achievement recognises the depth of the cutting-edge science and development background that underpins the Ensystex global business.

“Zythor contains 998 g/kg sulfuryl fluoride which remains a preferred fumigant for almonds and other nut crops. Zythor can penetrate deep within food commodities to kill the target pests.

“It is an inorganic gas, which means it does not combine with or change due to exposure to or interaction with other compounds. This lack of reactivity is one of the biggest advantages of Zythor as a fumigant, compared to other fumigants.

“Zythor is non-flammable, odourless, colourless, and non-corrosive, making it the smarter fumigant solution for sensitive areas with modern equipment and electronic devices presence,” he said. “Zythor provides broad-spectrum control of stored product pests and quarantine pests and leaves no unpleasant odours or off-flavours.”

Mr Broadbent said a core benefit of Zythor is the fact that it is not an ozone depleter. “Since it does not affect the ozone layer, it offers a bright future as a replacement to methyl bromide, a well-known ozone depleter, scheduled for replacement under the Montreal Protocol.

“It is also the perfect fumigant to use as a resistance-breaker in storages where phosphine resistance is a recognised problem.”

Ensystex’s computer-based program, Fumicalc has been developed to ensure the accurate use of Zythor.

Designed specifically for use in Australia, but incorporating the heritage developed from over 15-years of use in the USA, Fumicalc offers unique options, including a resistance management fumigation program, based on the latest Australian data.

Fumicalc can be used on a smartphone, tablet or computer and is compatible with Apple, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Zythor is regulated for use only by licensed fumigators trained under Ensystex’s Zythor Stewardship Program.

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