2023 macadamia crop forecast revised down

The 2023 Australian macadamia crop forecast has been revised down by 11% from 60,000 tonnes in-shell to 53,160 tonnes in-shell at 3.5% moisture (from 64,400 to 57,000 tonnes in-shell at 10% moisture).

Biostimulant trial boosts almond crop yields

New trial results demonstrate that Mycorrcin, a biostimulant from Biostart, has been found to increase the size of young almond trees, as well as the amount and weight of both nuts and kernels, while also improving soil biology.

Australian Macadamia Festival in India

An Australian Macadamia Festival will take place in India later this year thanks to a new Queensland Government grant designed to grow international exports of outstanding Queensland produce.

Hull rot a key target for almond orchards

Hull rot has largely become the number one disease target in almonds and it’s likely to continue following wet conditions in recent seasons.

Still lot to learn with almond tree nutrition

After a difficult season for almond production and quality, Anthony Wachtel with the Almond Board of Australia (ABA) says when it comes to tree nutrition, “there is still a lot to learn about what we don’t know yet’’.

Yield mapper developed for almonds

There are many factors that need to be right for optimum almond yield. Growers spend all year trying to get these right. Yield mapping is a way to see how that effort turned into producing a high yielding crop.

Beneficial insects help control macadamia pests

Favourable chemistry is used strategically to assist beneficial insects in controlling pests.

How processors can gain from Tomra sorting technologies

Modern sorting equipment reduces foreign material and false rejects without the need for manual intervention for nut producers.

Unlocking your orchard’s production potential

Biostimulants improve nutrient uptake and efficiency, mitigate plant stress and enhance crop quality.

Biosecurity and marketing boost for chestnuts

Program has commenced that combines the management of the exotic disease – chestnut blight – with a program to expand the market opportunities for chestnuts.

Plant walnuts closer. Unthinkable? Think again!

High-density planting can also be applied to walnut trees.

Updated plant protection guide

The guide is recognised as a respected and valuable reference for temperate fruit industries.

New fumigant for almonds and other nuts

Fumigant for broad-spectrum control of stored product pests and quarantine pests.

Grant to facilitate market expansion for nut industry

Grant will assist with market expansion, diversification and sustainability.

TOMRA sorter combines lasers and engineering

New platform will make it possible for nut processors to detect and eject specific types of defects.