Scholar pays off

Martos Mangoes has grown from a bare block of land to a thriving orchard of 30,000 R2E2 mango trees in Bowen, North Queensland - although it has taken the family-run enterprise more than 30 years to become the overnight success it is.

‘Taste the Sunshine’ campaign wins award

Aussies across the country have been inspired to ‘Taste the Sunshine’ through this season’s Australian Mango marketing campaign.

New project to boost mango exports to the USA

The Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) is partnering with the Queensland Government to boost mango exports to the United States of America as part of the new Food and Fibre to Market: Industry Partnerships Program (FF2M).

Heat unit targets for Australian mango cultivars

Based on a multi-region, cultivar and season, an improved method of calculating heat units (HU) or Growing Degree Days is proposed. This method includes a penalty for high temperatures above 32°C as well as low temperatures below 12°C.

New Mango MRL mobile app

The Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) has released its mobile phone app to help growers manage chemical application and facilitate trade.

Record yield for mango high-density planting trial

Mango production in the Mareeba–Dimbulah district generally experienced a higher-yielding season in 2022–2023.

Mango export market success

The International Market Access Assessment Panel (IMAAP) has supported market improvement and access applications for mango exports to the USA and India using irradiation pathways.

New mango comms manager

The Australian Mango Industry Association has welcomed a new communication manager. After the departure of Jessica Mitchell after six years of dedicated work, the AMIA has welcomed Gabby Taylor to take on the comms role.

Breakthrough in mango processing

New machine can peel, de-seed, and cut and dice fruit efficiently, with little waste.

The role of stingless bee pollination in NT mango orchards

Maintaining native vegetation around the crop margins can provide natural habitat for local stingless bee species,

Energy saving scheme for mango growers

Program has enormous potential for mango growers, to save on energy costs and run a more sustainable business.

Satellites used to predict commercial mango yields

Results were found to be highly accurate at both farm and block level, with significant improvement over the traditional method of yield estimation.

Mango harvest aid: a story in the making

The acidic sap released when the mango ‘flower stalk’ is broken from the fruit will burn the fruit – and human skin – with some cultivars and some humans more susceptible than others.

Technology advances in the mango industry

Technology innovation and adoption has helped shape and strengthen the mango industry.

Effective insecticides for mango shoot looper

APVMA has confirmed that both Success Neo and Entrust Organic insecticides cover mango shoot looper.