You don't want Lace (bug) in your place

I see olive trees used as features or ornamental foliage in towns around restaurants; some homeowners like them as they are hardy, have a grey-green foliage, a variation on other foliage colours. By this time of the year many have yellowed leaves among the grey-green – an olive lace bug (OLB) symptom.

Citrus flavoured pests

Congratulations! If you’ve chosen to grow a citrus crop, you’ve picked a tree crop with probably the most pests wanting to share in the fun.

Insect control strategies for this season

In the September Rural Business magazine, there was an important announcement: “…the fact is, without pesticides, 78 per cent of fruit, 54 per cent of vegetables and 32 per cent of cereals currently produced for consumption would not exist”.

How good are you at killing insects?

Are you getting the best out of your spray equipment? You get better at doing things only if you want to improve, and that usually means trying new things and tweaking your methods,

Timing is everything when controlling tree pests!

This issue of Tree Crop is the last one before flowers appear on your tree crop, Ion Staunton writes.

Are they Grasshoppers or Locusts?

Recently, I came across a retail garden website saying grasshoppers could be considered as beneficial insects… just because birds love to eat them.

No matter the crop, pests are the same

The ‘Know your Pest’ article each issue was aimed at a pest and mentioned the crops usually under attack; this time we start with the crop(s).