Apple orchard drying up – start pruning

When the going gets dry, producers need to get going on their apple trees according to Agriculture Victoria with thinning/pruning playing a vital role.

Clean up so you don’t get cleaned out

Coming to the end of harvest, and starting to think about pruning? Have you considered how you and your contractors will disinfect pruning tools?

Pruning the kindest cut for citrus industry

Pruning the kindest cut for citrus industry

Mobishear tops for pruning equipment

If you need new pruning equipment this season, Mobishear Australia is well worth a look.

Fruiting wall sets up orchard for the future

A multi leader ‘quad stem’ tree with four leaders has been adopted by a Goulburn Valley pome fruit grower as a way of improving fruit quality and consistency now, and also setting up the orchard for the future.

App tracks pruning per piece to boost profits

With the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) changes to the Horticulture Award coming into effect last April, many growers have put piece rates in the ‘too hard basket’, but there are still many advantages so long as you have the right tools for the job.

Hourly rates pushing adoption of platforms

Work platforms are one way that growers can address the twin issues of worker productivity and availability.

Lighter, more compact pruning shears

Advancements in ergonomic and technical design improve pruning efficiency.

Machines boost profits and fill the labour gap

Orchardists are investing in machinery in response to labour pressures and to improve efficiencies.

Latest Italian pruning equipment

Electric pruners with plug in lithium-ion batteries.

Handle tough pruning work with ease

Cordless secateurs built with the professional in mind.

Ausvine Kirogn pruners suit all tree crops

A large range of circular saw attachments for hedge cutting and tree pruning.

Mobishear cordless pruners

Cordless pruning equipment designed to last.

Prunion for precision, comfort and battery life

Efficient pruners make fruit growers more productive and profitable.