Prunion for precision, comfort and battery life

April 7, 2021 | 5 Min read
Efficient pruners make fruit growers more productive and profitable.

For nearly fifty years the Pellenc group have been manufacturing pruning and harvesting equipment to make fruit growers more productive and profitable. At the forefront of Pellenc’s advanced product range are Prunion pruning shears.

“Designed to optimise pruning work, Prunion pruning shears bring together precision and user comfort,” said Jean Vittot, general manager of Pellenc Australia.

“Its blade opening of 67mm, various operating modes and long-life battery make it a particularly productive tool for growers. In addition, its lightweight body and ergonomic design make it very easy to handle.”

The Prunion's ability to cut up to 45mm in diameter (for a blade opening of 67mm), means they can function in any type of environment. Designed for pruning all varieties of trees, the Prunion cuts small branches just as effectively as larger ones.

“In fact, the four operating modes that the Prunion offers – high-performance; economy/comfort; on/off; and gradual were created to adapt to typical pruning needs,” Mr Vittot said.

Where growers need to prune at greater height, Mr Vittot said the new Prunion pole is a great device for making the pruning job easy. The Prunion pole is available in three lengths – 1m, 1.5m and 2m.

“The Prunion pole pruning shears enable growers to prune trees up to four metres in height with enough battery power for a full day,” Mr Vittot said.

The Pellenc technology and innovation permits growers to switch from the Prunion handpiece to the pole configuration in minimal time – with no tools required.

The pole is also well balanced with the shears’ motor situated at hand level. In addition, maintenance is simple, with just a weekly lubrication required.

Mr Vittot said the Prunion pole has a reversible cutting head for pruning all branch configurations and is lightweight weighing only 1.6kg for the P150 pole and 1.87kg for the P200 pole. It is also very quick to set up as it only takes about one minute to mount the shears on the pole.

“The Prunion is backed by the worldwide experience and research of Pellenc as well as a network of dealers who can supply advice and service,” Mr Vittot said. “The Prunion is certainly a great time saving device for all Australian fruit growers.”

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