Latest Italian pruning equipment

April 14, 2022 | 5 Min read
Electric pruners with plug in lithium-ion batteries.

Last year Eclipse Enterprises introduced the latest range of ‘cordless’ electric pruning tools from Campagnola srl of Italy.

These are a range of electric pruners with plug in lithium-ion batteries, eliminating the need of a battery in a backpack.

This range gives the user fantastic versatility and power, all at a realistic price, says Leon Atsalis – director at Eclipse Enterprises.

“You also get the choice of picking a tool to best suit your application,” he said.

“For the vineyard sector or light pruning we have the Stark M with a 32mm cutting capacity. The tool also has the option of ‘fixing’ the blade opening at 70 per cent for approximately 23mm cuts which saves battery power.

“This tool is well balanced and with the battery weighs only 910gms, giving it excellent power to weight ratio. Battery voltage is 14.4v and 2.5Ah and each battery will give you 2–3 hours of working autonomy,” Mr Atsalis said.

“This tool is available with two batteries, or an optional third battery. It comes in a neat carry case with tools, a 3-battery charger and tool pouch.”

“For orchards and larger, heavier cuts, Mr Atsalis said there is the Stark L which has a 37mm cutting capacity, and also the feature of ‘fixing’ the opening to 70 per cent for a 26mm cutting capacity.

“It weighs only 1.2kg with the battery. In this case the batteries are 21.6V and 2.5Ah and each battery will give you 3–4 hours of autonomy,” he said. “Once again, this tool comes with two batteries but has the option to be purchased with three. In the carry case are the adjustment tools, the 3-battery charger and tool pouch.

“Both the STARK L & M can easily be fitted onto one of our Carbon Fibre Telescopic Extension Poles which gives you the ability to prune into the trees canopy without having to climb ladders.”

Other tools in this range include the T-Fox Chainsaw (pictured above) with 24V and 4Ah of power and handy cutting capacity of 10cm. Mr Atsalis said for cleaner cuts – as is required in the orchard, it is fitted with a ¼ inch chain. It has many safety features including ‘anti-slip handle with guard’, and ‘anti-kickback protection’. This tool comes with three batteries.

“The Nexi tying tool is excellent for the vineyard or tying small branches onto trellis wires. It comes with two of the 14.4V and 2.5Ah batteries, and each battery will give you over 10,000 ties,” Mr Atsalis said.

“There are six tying settings depending on how tight you need to go. Also, there are three different types of tie wire available, giving you the choice of it lasting between 6–12 months on the vine or branch. The tool weighs just over 1kg.”

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