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April 9, 2022 | 5 Min read
Cordless secateurs built with the professional in mind.

If you need new pruning equipment this season, Mobishear Australia is well worth a look.

Mobishear Australia is the new and exciting player in the Australian tree pruning market. This family-owned Australian business has built an enviable reputation based on practical, tough, cordless tools and exceptional after-sales service.

The owners Arnd and Heidi Enneking bring a wealth of experience from both the agricultural and horticultural sectors to their uniquely Australian brand.

They have taken their intimate knowledge of the industry and used it to source and design tough dependable tools that are extensively tested before being offered on the market. Not content with just supplying great products, they also back them with a generous warranty and a complete, locally stocked parts service.

“These units are built with the professional in mind,” Mr Enneking said. Mobishear Australia offers 100% cordless secateurs in two configurations, 25mm or 37mm. The units are built from high-grade components and include the latest in powerful brushless motor technology with an on-board user protection system.

Heidi Enneking said each secateur comes with three batteries to give you a full day’s work. “The great thing is that the batteries are contained within the secateurs themselves, while still being lightweight enough to use all day.

“There are no cords or battery packs needed to be worn by the operator, making them quick to deploy and a pleasure to use. A sequential charger allows you to hook up all batteries at once at the end of the day and walk away. There’s no need to change each battery as it becomes full.”

The necessary maintenance tools to keep your secateur running smoothly are included, as well a handy holster to keep your secateur in arm’s reach at all times.

“Backed up by a full range of locally stocked spare parts and a 2-year warranty, you can be confident that your Mobishear is with you for the long haul,” Mrs Enneking said.

The Mobishear team believes in old-fashioned business values of durable products, excellent service, prompt parts back up and the ability to maintain and repair your tools yourself.

“A lifelong involvement in life and work on the land is what has led to this business approach,” Mr Enneking said. “We understand the importance of timely backup at peak times like harvest. The crop can’t wait, so tools need to be reliable, and service needs to be fast and efficient.

“When you deal with Mobishear, you can be sure that you will be dealing with someone who understands primary production. We care about our customers and approach customer service with a hands-on no-nonsense attitude that is refreshing to experience.”

Not content just to supply and support products. The Mobishear team is constantly listening to customer requests to improve everyday tasks.

The challenge of finding better solutions to the challenges presented in primary production is something Mobishear thrives on. The Ennekings say continual improvement is a way of life on the land, and their business has this drive at its core.

In response to customer requests, Mobishear has now added a telescopic extension pole to its offering. This utilises the 37mm secateur and battery, giving even greater reach and versatility out in the field.

Adding an extra 2.4m reach means that you no longer need to drag the ladder around and balance on uneven ground to reach high into the canopy. A complete lack of cords or cables ensures no tangling in branches, making for a safer and more efficient experience.

Mobishear products are now available online or at all major retailers including, NRI, Lindsay Rural, Nutrien and Elders.

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