Stomatal health is crucial to tree health

Water, like all plants is vital for tree health and yet only a small fraction of water taken up by the roots is used for metabolism, plant growth, and ultimately yield.

Bio-fertilisers better N-response in tree crops

Crop advisors have always paid a lot of attention to the health and vigour of tree canopies, but more progressive advisors are also paying plenty of attention to the roots of their crops.

Eurosolids Triathlon for better iron efficiency

Eurosolids is a Dutch producer of specialty fertiliser solutions for fertigation and foliar application distributes its products in more than 100 countries. To do that, it has subsidiaries all over the world. In all markets it has local agronomic know-how to understand the local situations.

Yara focus on premium nitrate-based fertilisers

Yara Crop Nutrition has announced it will focus on marketing its range of premium nitrate-based fertilisers in Australia following the divestment of its agricultural liquid fertilisers business in August.

Serenade Soil Activ improves nutrient availability

Serenade Soil Activ, is set to provide Australian growers with a new tool to increase nutrient availability and uptake, resulting in improved root and plant growth.

Fertiliser can reduce CO2 emissions

Yara can provide product carbon footprint statements (PCFs) for all its nitrate fertilisers sold in Australia.

Yara is committed to recycling scheme

Leading premium fertiliser manufacturer, Yara, continues to support Big Bag Recovery program as a partner.

The 4 R’s for fertiliser programs

Calcium is a nutrient that is widely regarded as immobile in plants.

Agrisilica for better yields

Silicon increases efficiency of nutrient uptake and utilisation.

Unlocking your orchard’s production potential

Biostimulants improve nutrient uptake and efficiency, mitigate plant stress and enhance crop quality.

Calcium and silicon ‘an ideal partnership’

Calcium and silicon work hand-in-hand.

Consider Agrisilica in crop nutrition programs

Trials show yield increases and improved quality parameters with Agrisilica.

Nitrate fertiliser lowers your carbon footprint

Yara is constructing one of the world’s first industrial-scale renewable hydrogen plants Western Australia.

GYP-FLO gypsum still the best!

Fine particle size formulation is ideal for fertigation.

Enhancing fruit colour

Increased colour grades across a range of fruit - particularly citrus.