Clean Coastal Catchments Macadamia Research Update

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Macadamia growers honoured

Australia’s best macadamia growers have been honoured in the industry’s Awards of Excellence, announced the peak industry body, the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS).

Macadamia Grower guide has the answers

Good management of nutrition and soil health in macadamia orchards is crucial for sustaining productive capacity and increasing fertility over time.

PR campaign highlights macadamia’s Aussie roots

Not many people know that the macadamia nut originated in Australia eons ago. It's a little-known fact even among Australian consumers.

Macadamia crop down but quality “excellent”: AMS

The Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) has again revised down the forecast for the 2023 Australian macadamia crop from 53,160 tonnes in-shell to 48,500 tonnes in-shell at 3.5% moisture (from 57,000 to 52,000 tonnes in-shell at 10% moisture).

2023 macadamia crop forecast revised down

The 2023 Australian macadamia crop forecast has been revised down by 11% from 60,000 tonnes in-shell to 53,160 tonnes in-shell at 3.5% moisture (from 64,400 to 57,000 tonnes in-shell at 10% moisture).

Managing pests and diseases: practical tips during a challenging season

The Australian macadamia industry is currently navigating a challenging chapter. While growers have rebounded from multiple natural disasters in recent years to deliver an abundant, quality crop, this is being accompanied by rising costs and the softest farm gate prices in more than a decade.

Australian Macadamia Festival in India

An Australian Macadamia Festival will take place in India later this year thanks to a new Queensland Government grant designed to grow international exports of outstanding Queensland produce.

Do higher density plantings lift yield?

The field of computational modelling has advanced significantly in recent years as information technology, in-field data and plant modelling software have been cleverly combined to develop greater confidence in models, including a visual twist!

Factors affecting total kernel recovery

Being able to maximise total kernel recovery is the ‘flagship number’ of growing macadamias, as it is one of the determinants of the yield and profitability of the orchard.

Tree traits to boost macadamia production

Researchers from The University of Queensland have identified two desirable traits in macadamia trees to make orchards more productive and profitable.

Increase in 2023 macadamia crop

The 2023 Australian macadamia crop is predicted to reach 60,000 tonnes in-shell @3.5% moisture (64,400 tonnes in-shell @10% moisture), according to a climate-based forecast produced using scientific modelling developed by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Macadamia crop beats forecast

Australian macadamia growers have recovered from the record rains and flooding in NSW and South East Queensland earlier this year to produce a higher than anticipated crop of 52,974 tonnes in-shell @ 3.5% moisture (56,800 tonnes in-shell @ 10% moisture).

Rat solution in macadamias

Controlling rats in macadamia orchards used to be very tricky. Infestations are generally quite hard to detect until they have already caused significant damage and loss.

New macadamia varieties to lower production costs

Macadamia growers could significantly reduce their labour costs in the future through new tree varieties that are shorter and enter production earlier.