Thinning strategies for European pears

Many European pear cultivars crop heavily and require thinning to ensure regular yields and optimise fruit quality. However, compared with apple, there is limited information available on how to best manage crop loads, particularly the newer cultivars.

Bringing home the Bacon at Barham Avocados

When it comes to avocado trees, Tim and Katrina Myers have been blazing a trail along the Murray at Barham, NSW, through droughts, floods, pandemics, global financial crises, good crops and, well, some not so good.

Yara restructures frontline sales agronomy team

Nitrogen fertiliser manufacturer Yara Australia has given its agronomy team a 2023 overhaul and relaunched its customer-facing sales strategy as three semi-autonomous commercial zones.

APVMA shuts down dimethoate for some fruits

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has suspended, effective immediately, the registration and labels of chemical products containing dimethoate used as a post-harvest dip for fruit with inedible peel.

Data coup as almond industry goes spatial

For the first time spatial mapping has been used to identify every almond orchard in Australia.

SEGURIS Flexi – a flexible option for almonds

Century Orchards grows 700ha of almonds at Loxton in South Australia’s Riverland, with about half their trees Nonpareil, with the balance mostly a mix of Carmel, Peerless, Price and Monterey.

Minimal impact of phytosanitary irradiation

Global trade enables the movement of seasonally fresh produce between countries.

Program beating fruit spotting bugs

Fruit spotting bug has cost a Queensland macadamia and avocado enterprise millions of dollars during the past 16 years, however broader use of insecticides and other techniques is helping to win the very expensive battle against the pest.

Stomatal health is crucial to tree health

Water, like all plants is vital for tree health and yet only a small fraction of water taken up by the roots is used for metabolism, plant growth, and ultimately yield.

ABCgrower changes life on the farm

ABCgrower is revolutionising life on farm for busy horticulturists. Offering an alternative away from pen and paper, ABCgrower is a flexible, digital on-farm labour and inventory management software tool.

Farewell from the editor

Australian Tree Crop editor, David Petrikas, is taking a step back.

Six-figure funding fires up fight against THAT fly

If the supply of water gives life to the Goulburn Valley’s horticulture industry, then one program above all others targets a tiny, airborne threat to ensure it bears fruit.

Fruit fly a potential industry wrecking machine

Fruit fly is the world’s worst fruit pest and when it threatens our multi-billion dollar horticulture industries it is a risk which cannot be ignored

Buyback comeback a serious concern for citrus industry

Citrus Australia chief executive Nathan Hancock says the peak industry body and its growers are “deeply concerned” about the impacts of a buyback strategy announced for the Murray Darling Basin.

Getting to the core of apple and pear profitability

Apple and pear growers are about to take growing profits to the next level – powered by PIPS 4 Profit.