Vayego all the go for South West WA orchards with weevils

Limited chemical control options and high reliance on the Group 22a insecticide, indoxacarb, for control of weevils in pome and stone fruit orchards throughout South West WA, has always meant a new option was going to be enthusiastically welcomed.

Program beating fruit spotting bugs

Fruit spotting bug has cost a Queensland macadamia and avocado enterprise millions of dollars during the past 16 years, however broader use of insecticides and other techniques is helping to win the very expensive battle against the pest.

The ‘Most Wanted’ list of tree crop bugs!

Depending on where you grow and the tree crop(s) you grow, find out who makes the ‘Most Not Wanted’ pests list.

New Varroa detections expand red zone

NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) tracing and surveillance work has confirmed two new detections of Varroa mite, as field officers continue hive inspections with beekeepers across the state.

Angler trap targets Carpophilus beetle

Grochem offers a new trapping system for Carpophilus beetle – a major pest in ripening stone and pome fruit.

Sivanto prime tough on pests but not predators

Especially in wet seasons like 2022, horticultural pest and disease pressure in the Wide Bay area of Queensland can be very high.

Getting it ‘done’ should mean getting it ‘right’

In tree, vines and trellised vegetables crops, product application rates based on ground area, expressed as rate of product per hectare, were once considered satisfactory but can easily result in the grower either underdosing or overdosing crops with product.

Apple industry welcomes miticide with new MOA

After increased mite pressure in apple orchards in recent seasons and more than a decade since a new mode of action miticide has been introduced, a new product hitting the shelves always was going to be a valuable addition for growers’ control programs.

IPM, insects and mites… the short version

Plants grow. Insects see them as desirable food. Then they become pests.

Improving Australia’s biosecurity toolkit

Pest and Disease Image Library is relaunched.

Detection of braula fly in bee hives

Braula fly detected in Victoria during varroa mite surveillance.

NSW Macadamia Plant Protection Guide released

The 8th edition of the NSW Macadamia Plant Protection Guide is now available online.

Beneficial insects help control macadamia pests

Favourable chemistry is used strategically to assist beneficial insects in controlling pests.

Danisaraba - new miticide for tree crops

New mode of action miticide for almond, pome fruit and citrus growers.

Softer option for managing lace bug

New generation insecticide available for use against lace bug in macadamia.