Danisaraba - new miticide for tree crops

Aug. 20, 2022 | 5 Min read
New mode of action miticide for almond, pome fruit and citrus growers.

Earlier this year, the APVMA approved the use of BASF’s new Danisaraba miticide in almond orchards and a variety of fruit and fruiting vegetable crops. The product is now available to Australian growers.

With Danisaraba, BASF introduces a new class of chemistry to Australian growers, the beta-ketonitriles, with a novel mode of action classified as Group 25A, says BASF’s horticulture portfolio manager Serge Usatov.

The miticide’s disruption of energy production specifically targets webspinning mites, commonly known as spider mites, a species that can cause severe crop damage if their population numbers are not controlled.

Danisaraba is effective against five key spider mite species at all life stages from eggs to adults, so it can be applied early in an infestation to stop the buildup in numbers.

It has minimal impact on beneficial insect species and can complement the release of predatory mites and wasps that also help keep mite numbers down.

“Danisaraba is a great choice as the first miticide growers use in each registered crop,” Mr Usatov said. “With the new mode of action, resistance won’t compromise the initial control.

“Early application will give growers the full advantage of its impact on every life stage to shut down infestations before they cause significant damage.

“And the early intervention will keep numbers down to a level the beneficial species can manage.”

Mr Usatov said Danisaraba’s release was very timely. “This launch comes at a great time to help growers get full value from their IPM programs, reestablish the highest levels of control, and maintain the long-term usefulness of miticides that are becoming less effective than they used to be.”

The new product is registered to control various combinations of spider mite species in a wide range of horticultural crops, including:

• Two-spotted spider mites, bryobia mites and European red mites in almond and pome fruit orchards and nursery stock (also known as ornamentals)

• Two-spotted spider mites, citrus red mites and Oriental red mites in citrus orchards.

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