Beneficial bacteria activate avocado enterprise in WA

Health is the key to the future for WA avocado grower Nigel Love, who says it is a chain reaction starting with healthy roots.

Bringing home the Bacon at Barham Avocados

When it comes to avocado trees, Tim and Katrina Myers have been blazing a trail along the Murray at Barham, NSW, through droughts, floods, pandemics, global financial crises, good crops and, well, some not so good.

Avo Connections: avocado Industry comes together

On Monday 5 June over 150 industry representatives came together to hear the latest avocado developments related to the domestic market, export markets, food service and international marketing of Australian avocados.

Smart fertiliser boosts yield potential

Lono, a specialised nitrogen fertiliser that is efficient and environmentally stable is gaining ground in the Australian tree crop sector as growers seek more sustainable options to improve marketable yields.

Biostimulants boost tropical tree crops

The role of biostimulants in providing nutrition to tropical crops is increasing each season in Queensland thanks to the ever-evolving biostimulant fertiliser range by De Sangosse Australia, under the guidance of regional manager Ben Itzstein.

Researchers beat avocado production bottleneck

University of Queensland (UQ) scientists are revolutionising the way avocados are grown in Australia by perfecting the technique of successfully propagating trees using plant stem cell technology.

How avocado growers can lift capacity and quality

Consumers around the world have developed a taste for avocados that growers in Australia cannot plant the trees quickly enough. The fruit has been nicknamed ‘green gold’, but gold rushes don’t last forever.

Bee Klipp for improved hive performance

Bee Klipp lures bees into and through flowering crops - improving bee activity to achieve better pollination.

Research to help avocado industry flourish

A range of research results were recently presented to avocado growers in Western Australia.

Tissue cultured avocado rootstocks

All plants are genetically the same producing a more uniform batch of plants, and a significantly more consistent outcome for growers.

GreenTech Spray System the best for tall trees

GreenTech sprayer produces the right droplets for obtaining the best spray coverage with excellent cost savings and reliability,

Avocado growers get support to access Japanese market

Avocados Australia is providing support for growers to export to Japan.

Luna Sensation provides avocado disease control

Broad spectrum disease control in avocado.

Avocado tree intensification field day

The DAF avocado team are hosting a field day on the 20th of January 2022 at the Bundaberg research station.

Cover crop plantings key to regenerative farming

Project will monitor soil biology, carbon sequestration, nitrogen fixing, fungal/bacterial life and insects.