Zippmatic packaging solution for producers and retailers

Zippmatic solution is simple to introduce into any packing facility.

Calls for automation with local support

Dealing with local manufacturers is now more important than ever given supply chain issues.

TOMRA sorter combines lasers and engineering

New platform will make it possible for nut processors to detect and eject specific types of defects.

Plug and play installation for Zetapack

A cost effective machine providing labor savings and improved productivity.

The compostable packaging move – will it ‘stick’?

Packhouse tests have begun to assess performance of compostable stickers in shipping and transportation.

Zetapack soft solution for Kalafatis Fresh Produce

Zetapack grader is designed for fruits that are not suited to mechanical grading.

Montague opens new packing and distribution facility

New facility will use state-of-the-art grading technology,

A compact fruit grader ideal for smaller runs

Zetapack graders are perfect for niche varieties, smaller packing sheds and are compact with a low footprint.

Hong Kong Customs seizes cherries falsely marketed as Tasmanian

Every single carton had a unique QR code.

Batlow Apples launches eco-friendly punnets

New packaging has been well received by consumers and the independent sector.

Trials underway for new packing and sorting technology at avocado packhouse

World-leading picking and packing technology combines computer vision with machine learning.

New fibre punnets

New fibre punnets help address sustainable packaging issues.

Compostable bioplastic from olive waste

A biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions has been developed from olive stone waste.

Australian summerfruit connects with China

Australia’s summerfruit industry has forged a stronger relationship with China with a new agreement

Almondco Australia cracks $28.5 million expansion

Major South Australian nut producer Almondco will expand its Renmark processing facility creating 50 new jobs, thanks to a $28.55 million Marshall Liberal Government loan.