Zetapack soft solution for Kalafatis Fresh Produce

June 14, 2021 | 5 Min read
Zetapack grader is designed for fruits that are not suited to mechanical grading.

Zetapack's first installation in Australia has been completed at Kalafatis Fresh Produce in Shepperton with outstanding results. Kalafatis Fresh Produce is a major supplier of apples and pears to Woolworths.

The Zetapack grader is a ‘plug & play’ installation. The grader was unpacked from its crate and was operational the same day.

Auspouch's managing director Bernard Waterson and Kalafatis Fresh Produce business manager Frank Trimboli were present on the Kalafatis site for the commissioning.

Mr Waterson said the successful installation has confirmed Auspouch's decision to partner with Zetapack Italy to bring the Zetapack solution to Australia to support a suitable platform for soft fruits. (See the Zetapack grader in operation here).

The Zetapack grader is designed for fruits that are not suited to mechanical grading and its versatility is proven by multiple operations where the type of fruit being graded can be easily changed to another.

Functions include accurate weight detection resulting in accurate piece count. With truss fruits such as grapes or cherries, the weighing accuracy activates the makeup of a guaranteed weight – with the net effect of reducing over supply of fruit and maximising yield from a bin.

“Zetapack is a really simple machine – it requires no technicians and is a simple solution supplied ready to hook up to 240V power,” Mr Waterson said. “Easy operation will help niche produce growers or smaller producers into cost- effective grading solutions.

“It is a good fit for Australian growers where some decisions to make a large capital investment are not fully supported by supply agreement contracts.”

Mr Waterson said the grower was delighted with the grading and weighing accuracy which is drastically reducing the overpack quantity, significantly increasing his pack-out yield and efficiency.

Kalafatis Fresh Produce’s experience so far can be summed up in these benefits:

·       Can size and pack without marking the fruit

·       Suited to ripe and soft fruits, niche fruits, smaller runs

·       Significant preservation of yield and minimising overpack

·       Efficient use of labour, increasing performance and output per shift

·       Easily programmed

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