FrostBoss has a growing army of fans

March 18, 2024 | 5 Min read
In the realm of frost protection, FrostBoss stands out as a pioneering solutions provider to global growers.

In the realm of frost protection, FrostBoss stands out as a pioneering solutions provider to global growers.

Specialising in frost fan design, manufacture, field placements, installation, and servicing, FrostBoss has become a trusted name in the agriculture industry, spanning across Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

The cornerstone of FrostBoss success lies in its commitment to research and development, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and reliability of frost fans.

The culmination of this effort is evident in the FrostBoss C49, and C59 frost fan units, featuring advanced composite fan blade sets, automatic frost protection control units, monitoring software, and a mobile phone-based monitoring app.

And it’s an acoustic breakthrough which distinguishes the FrostBoss C49 and C59 from their counterparts in the market. The four-blade fan's higher blade passage frequency eliminates the low-frequency beating sound found in traditional twin-rotor helicopters, making them among the quietest machines available.

The FrostBoss C49, renowned for its low noise signature, has emerged as the best-selling frost fan in New Zealand and Australia.

With technological advancements, a burgeoning market for fan upgrades has surfaced.

The retrofitting of existing units with composite blade sets from FrostBoss, combined with mechanical upgrades and automated controllers, significantly enhances the efficiency of older units.

The rise of web and mobile-based monitoring reflects a broader trend in agricultural technology adoption.

FrostBoss addresses this with its FrostSmart system, designed for convenient monitoring, especially for growers managing multiple Frost Fan units or those residing off-site.

The global footprint of FrostBoss extends beyond Australia and New Zealand through local distributors in Canada, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Chile.

The diverse range of crops protected by FrostBoss frost fans includes grapes, almonds, avocados, apples, blueberries, citrus, mango and more.

The FrostBoss C49, with its remarkable success in Australia and New Zealand, has outshone two-blade machines in the market facing challenges due to stricter noise regulations.

Key features of the FrostBoss C49 include composite blades with aerodynamic pitch, a galvanized 10m tower, a Perkins engine for increased power and noise reduction, an Amarillo gearbox, and an array of other enhancements for efficient and reliable operation.

For those with existing two-blade frost fans, FrostBoss provides upgrade options to elevate performance and efficiency.

Upgrades involve the replacement of original two-blades with the FrostBoss composite four-blade system, the addition of an auto start/stop control system, RPM reduction, an anemometer for safety, and optional remote monitoring for real-time data.

The superiority of the FrostBoss C49 four-bladed fan over conventional two-blade fans lies in its design, crafted with input from aerodynamics research engineer Richard Karn. The innovative design optimises noise reduction, providing a quieter, more fuel-efficient fan with improved coverage.

FrostBoss commitment is evident in the after-sales service through its service centres strategically located in Gawler, SA, Naracoorte, SA, Cobram Victoria, Mildura, Victoria, Griffith, NSW, and Munduberra, Queensland.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, FrostBoss experts offer advice, fan layout suggestions, and handle the entire process from consent application to installation and servicing.

With its growing global footprint and innovative research and development team, FrostBoss continues to keep its grower clients at the cutting edge of technology and design to set the pace in frost protection solutions, offering innovative and reliable technology to meet the evolving needs of more growers worldwide.




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