Drapeau-Lehner 2D wall system advantages

An older tree architecture system is finding favour again with growers.

Top tips for new orchard plantings

Trellising is being adopted for use on a wider range of crops.

Top tips for maintaining frost fans

Regular servicing of your frost fans by a qualified service agent safeguards you from any unwanted issues.

Sustainable truffle orchard floor management

The Australian truffle industry is more than 20 years old and is the fourth largest producer of truffles in the world.

Tissue cultured avocado rootstocks

All plants are genetically the same producing a more uniform batch of plants, and a significantly more consistent outcome for growers.

Gaps in tree canopies are big money losers

Too much sunlight – and therefore potential crop – is being wasted in many orchards.

Fencing clip for orchards

Unique fencing clip reduces labour costs.

Directing shoot growth to where it’s needed

You can make a deciduous fruit tree do anything.

Invest now to gear your operations for success

Wide range of equipment to improve labour productivity and yields.

Think again about olive oil yield potential

Superior tree genetics and advanced production system for high density olive groves.

Game changer in tree propagation technology

Enhanced efficiency in the planting and grafting of trees.

Avocado tree intensification field day

The DAF avocado team are hosting a field day on the 20th of January 2022 at the Bundaberg research station.

Katabatic drift explained and how to avoid it

How to locate frost fans and set up your orchard for best effect.

Cover crop plantings key to regenerative farming

Project will monitor soil biology, carbon sequestration, nitrogen fixing, fungal/bacterial life and insects.

Resilience and profits of high-density jackfruit

High-density production and trellis planting systems to be assessed for their cyclone resilience and production capacity and profitability.