Top tips for maintaining frost fans

With the cold months upon us and spring flowering and fruiting just around the corner, Abbie Franklin from Australian Frost Fans offers these useful tips to help protect your valuable tree crops this season.

This is especially important as you need to know for sure ahead of time that everything is well maintained and functioning correctly – as lack of use is the major cause of failure in frost fans.

1. Regular servicing of your frost fans by a qualified service agent safeguards you from any unwanted issues in the colder months. To ensure your warranty remains valid, follow the manufacturer's servicing requirements

2. Start and run your FrostBoss frost fans every 4–6 weeks for at least 10 minutes at operating revs. This brings the engine to operating temperature, gives the battery a charge-up from the alternator, moves oil thoroughly through the top and bottom gearboxes and helps reduce any build-up of water condensation. Lack of use is the major cause of failure in frost fans

3. Check battery voltages regularly. You can do this manually yourself on many types of frost fans by checking the auto start controller LCD screen or by checking online data if available

4. If not already fitted, consider having your frost fans monitored. This can be configured to notify you if there are any fault alerts requiring attention

5. Be aware of the weather. Do not operate your frost fans in foggy or windy conditions. Refer to the manufacturer's operator manual

6. Ensure your frost fans are operating at the correct rpm and adhering to applicable noise and consent regulations in your local area – if you have any concerns, talk to your service agent

7. Keep fuel tanks full. This is because the bigger the air gap, the greater likelihood for condensation to develop and contaminate the fuel. Water condensation also creates the perfect environment for the diesel ‘bug’, so removing the conditions for condensation to occur is the best form of preventative maintenance

8. Ensure you have the 24/7 contact details for your service agent stored in your phone for any emergency repairs that may arise during the frost season.

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