Demonstrated success for almond aeration

The Agriculture Victoria team at the Mildura SmartFarm, in collaboration with Harveston Aeration Solutions and under the guidance of Dr Zelmari Coetzee, have successfully demonstrated the drying of wet almonds using ambient aeration.

On-the-go orchard fruit harvest quality sensing

Innovative research into fruit quality at harvest within an orchard block will make management, traceability and pack-out performance more effective for the apple, pear and stone fruit industries.

Apple thinning: a returning challenge!

Many of today’s most grown apple varieties need fruit thinning to obtain the right fruit bearing, desired fruit size, and to avoid biennial bearing.

Retractable rain and hail shelters save crops

Rain shelters aid cherry quality and production.

SMS recruiting function now part of AgPick app

SMS system allows growers to recruit and communicate with pickers directly ahead of Australian cherry season.

Hourly rates pushing adoption of platforms

Work platforms are one way that growers can address the twin issues of worker productivity and availability.

Transtak Engineering ready for harvest

Transtak Engineering and Equipment manufactures a range of self-loading bin trailers for the orchard industry as well as a full range of high-strength/lightweight aluminium picking ladders.

Autonomous drone harvest trial in stone fruit

Autonomous harvest options have great potential to deal with labor shortages.

New software modules from Tie Up Farming

Tie Up Farming captures data and records activities on the go, using mobile technology.

Agpick's solution for piece rates on cherry farms

Growers need to ensure compliance with Horticulture Award piece rate rules ahead of the coming season.

CQU’s auto-harvester to revolutionise mango production

Harvester is part of an integrated system which will ensure farmers know how many fruit are on their trees, when they will be in perfect condition, and when to employ the right number of workers.

Robot fruit picker to help tackle labour shortages

Robot pickers to work in orchards as soon as 2023.

New robot technology for apple growers

Monash University engineers have developed a robot capable of performing autonomous apple harvesting.

Machines boost profits and fill the labour gap

Orchardists are investing in machinery in response to labour pressures and to improve efficiencies.

ABCgrower gives tree croppers visibility

ABCgrower delivers an easy-to-use solution to manage the minimum wage.