How good are you at killing insects?

Are you getting the best out of your spray equipment? You get better at doing things only if you want to improve, and that usually means trying new things and tweaking your methods,

Naturalure: effective, easy fruit fly control

Naturalure Fruit Fly Bait Concentrate from Corteva Agriscience, has emerged as a leading option in the fight against fruit fly in orchards and vine crops throughout the country.

Fruit fly symposium views a bold fruit fly future

Australia’s fruit fly system is complex, involving many different stakeholders working together to manage fruit fly risks for horticulture industries.

Innovation rachets up mango eating experience!

Manbulloo’s ‘Project Flavour’ has launched the tantalising treasures of the Australian National Mango Breeding Program – three new and amazing mango varieties.

PR campaign highlights macadamia’s Aussie roots

Not many people know that the macadamia nut originated in Australia eons ago. It's a little-known fact even among Australian consumers.

Tropical fruits in line for genetic boost

Murdoch University scientists will establish an advanced genomics platform to help producers overcome industry challenges and improve the performance and value of popular fruit crops.

A systems approach to managing nutrients

The Clean Coastal Catchments (CCC) Research team from the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has taken a 'systems' approach to identifying key knowledge gaps in the science of macadamia nutrient management.

Does orchard soil health affect fruit quality?

With increasing awareness of the environmental impacts of synthetic fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, there is a growing understanding that an ecologically balanced soil system is essential for maintaining healthy crops.

Biological boosts cherry yield and storage

A biological approach for reducing cracking in cherries and improving storage is proving useful to cherry growers.

Impact of irradiation on export cherry quality

A ‘snapshot’ of the eating quality of Australian cherries shows them to be firmer, sweeter and tastier than those from other competing export countries.

Superior finish starts with Premio

Australia is renowned for its high-value fresh produce, which is driving an ever-booming export market.

Joe’s ReTain punt pays off in higher fruit set

Joe Ceravolo gave the following advice to other cherry growers who may be considering ReTain but were still undecided: "I would say that if they have any varieties that are poor at setting fruit or where they are susceptible to short flowering periods, they would be mad not to give it a go.”

The cherry export process explained

The Australian cherry industry has been growing over the last few years, and it is expected that the growth will continue for the foreseeable future.

New member joins Agspec hort team

Agspec is excited to announce the appointment of Jeremy Liddle as business manager for southern Queensland and northern NSW. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in horticultural cropping systems and will be a great asset to the Agspec team.

New Grochem appointments

Two sales professionals with a wealth of experience in horticulture have joined crop protection supplier, Grochem Australia as it strengthens its team for further growth.