Agrisilica for better yields

April 10, 2022 | 5 Min read
Silicon increases efficiency of nutrient uptake and utilisation.

At a time when global fertiliser prices are surging, every grower needs to ensure they get the most out of their application.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to find your crops absorbing less than 50% of your applied nutrients, with much of it being lost to waterway runoff, leaching down into the soil profile, or becoming fixed to other soil minerals that your crops can’t absorb.

This is where Agrisilica can help, says Agripower’s head of sales and marketing Peter Tandy.

Agrisilica fertiliser is composed of a unique and natural form of silicon. “With a high concentration of soluble silicon (26% w/w), that through application is readily converted into a form easily absorbed by your crops; what we call plant available silicon (PAS),” Mr Tandy said.

“Once in your soil, Agrisilica provides a number of benefits. It can hold 155% its own weight in water, ensuring less runoff which results in more of your applied nutrients staying where you want them.

“The plant available silicon Agrisilica provides also improves your crop’s ability to take in nutrients by 20–30%. More than this though, it also increases the nutrient efficiency – helping to reduce stress and negative environmental impacts.”

Mr Tandy said to make life easy, Agrisilica can also be blended with NPK fertilisers and applied in one application, and is available in granular (see image above), liquid, powder, and chip forms.

“Don’t take our word for it though, Agrisilica has been rigorously tested with over 700 independently monitored commercial and scientific trials worldwide, including some fantastic results across our fruit and nuts trials.

“Agripower’s not stopping there though. We’re continuing to invest in global research projects – including drought and salinity trials with the University of Western Sydney, and our ongoing work with the Soil CRC.

“Results have consistently shown that Agrisilica helps growers get the most out of their fertiliser application, their crops, and their soil,” Mr Tandy said.

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