Lighter, more compact pruning shears

May 23, 2022 | 5 Min read
Advancements in ergonomic and technical design improve pruning efficiency.

French company Infaco has released the latest edition of its Electrocoup electronic pruning unit.

Significant improvements in ergonomic and technical design mean the unit is 12% lighter, 15% more compact and easier to handle than the previous generation, says Ryset Australia’s John Anzelotti.

“While looking similar to before, beneath the covers lie major advancements in technology which makes it 20% more powerful and 15% faster,” he said.

“Futuristic battery technology has also led to a smaller and lighter battery.”

This F3020 model introduces two modes of operation. The ‘standard’ mode suits experienced users with blades moving at full speed (which is 15% faster than the previous F3015 model).

‘Soft’ mode is similar in speed to the previous model for those who prefer that blade speed or are learning to prune, Mr Anzelotti said.

“The shears come with three interchangeable heads, small, medium, and maxi to suit the width of the vine or wood you’re pruning. An optional extension pole allows the shears to be used up in the tree canopy with ease.”

There’s also a new Bluetooth option to connect the shears to a smartphone app to record pruning data and allow pruning shear settings, Service/Help video tutorials and pruning work progress management (using the smartphone geolocation feature).

The 3020 features a new battery, vest and cable, designed to significantly improve the unit’s ergonomics. The cable now extends over the shoulder and along the arm, reducing any dangling cables.

Mr Anzelotti said the separate battery and shear design ensure the handpiece has minimal weight, maximising ergonomics and minimising fatigue.

“The new battery only weighs 698gm (down from 950gms) and is comfortably worn on the ergonomic harness – or is now small enough to place in your pocket.

“One battery will ensure 10 hours of continuous operation, so a full day’s work can be achieved without interruption.

“Operator safety is important and the Electrocoup comes with a wireless electronic safety system (DSES) as standard.

“This system utilises a conductive trigger so that if the cutting head touches the opposite hand (bare or wearing a glove), the pruning shear blade opens instantly. The unit now features a switch that can turn off the safety system in case the unit is working in wet or damp conditions.”

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