Going paperless is easy and boosts productivity

Paperwork is out. Digitising timesheets and harvest inventory makes life easier and leads to better productivity for growers and horticultural operations.

This is what drives horticulture software specialists, ABC Software.

“Tracking labour and recording fruit inventory digitally is easy, there’s less mistakes and it saves time,” says Sharon Chapman, ABC Software founder and director.

“Our goal is to take paper out of the farm. Having things digitised means information is readily available and usable.”

ABCgrower covers all on-farm harvest and non-harvest labour activities. It also includes a digital spray diary module. An onsite log module has just been launched.

“Our customers are telling us over and over again that ABCgrower has been a game changer for them. They’re finding it easy to use and it’s saving them time not having to chase timesheets and manually input them.

“The quality of the information is more accurate and as it’s all in one place they can easily access it and make it work for them.”

The Spray Diary module automates the manual calculations. It meets compliance needs by recording information such as weather and the exact times that blocks are sprayed. Alerts can be set up for safety and threshold warnings, such as the number of spray applications.

“A huge benefit is having instant visibility to the spray applications,” Ms Chapman said. “It is simple to find what chemical was sprayed where, or what has been applied to which block. It is all in the cloud and available on your smartphone.”

With the click of a button, reports are available to meet audit and compliance demands.

ABCgrower’s new module, Onsite Log, is meeting both the health and safety, and time and attendance requirement to know who is on site, visitors and workers, and where they are.

Among many features, it allows workers and visitors to log in and out of the farm/packhouse easily, with the worker’s logging activities able to be used to set paid start and finish times.

ABCpacker is a specialised software system that reduces the amount of paper found in running packing, marketing, and trading operations.

“Again, our customers are telling us that they have centralised information all in one place, they’ve improved efficiency and reporting,” Ms Chapman said.

ABCpacker is fully customisable and can be tailored to meet the specific operations’ needs. “Many of our packhouse customers have specific nuances in their operation. These are readily managed through our software. It is very easy to trace provenance of fruit, from farm through to end consumer.”

ABC Software offers a 45-day trial period on ABCgrower and ABCpacker with full support and training.

With a wealth of knowledge of the horticulture industry, the ABC team works closely with its Australian and New Zealand customers to ensure they achieve better performance, better productivity, and a better-quality outcome.

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