Queen bee shortage

Queen bees are vital to each beehive because it is the only bee capable of laying fertilised eggs.

Workplaces after COVID: What you need to know

After COVID office settings will look different and it will not simply be a return to old ways of doing business.

Growth of Australian lychee industry on track

New tree plantings in recent seasons will increase lychee volumes in the next 5-10 years.

Flying autonomous fruit-picking robots

Kubota invests in Tevel an industry leader in flying autonomous fruit-picking.

Coles opens new round of Nurture Fund

Grant of up to $500,000 to help producers develop new market-leading products, technologies and processes.

Record almond harvest is coming

123,000 tonnes of almonds are expected to be harvest in the coming weeks

Labour automation now crucial for producers

Automation protects against unexpected market shocks which can cause major picking and packhouse staff shortages.

Australian trial protecting pears with solar panels

Solar panels will protect fruit and further earn their keep through the generation of electricity.

Nutrition is more than just NPK ratio

High quality prills mean better nutrient distribution and availability for hort crops.

Feasibility study for 300-hectare avocado project completed

Farm will produce avocados from September to February when supply is limited from the rest of Australia.

Aussie mango unveils a new look

Honey Gold mangoes have a bright new look this season.

A better alternative to drenching apples and pears

Over 60,000 bins of fruit have already been treated in Australia.

APAL Post-harvest Seminar goes online

Online event is free to all attendees.

AgPick tool helps track pickers during pandemic

Growers want to have the flexibility to access information easily and remotely via any device.

Drones that can detect infected citrus trees

Technology likely to be applied to a wide range of other fruit and nut crops as well.