Prunion for precision, comfort and battery life

Efficient pruners make fruit growers more productive and profitable.

Carob and Moringa - a developing industry

Carob and Moringa have the potential to improve dietary health and benefit the environment.

Fertiliser granules solve uptake problems

New technology enables inclusion of ultra-fine particles into a robust granule.

Growers expecting severe fruit fly season

Fruit fly activity had been triggered by the lingering effects of La Niña.

Fighting HLB disease with finger limes?

Finger limes appear to be more tolerant to HLB.

Grants for producer groups to boost on-farm technology adoption

Program provides a pathway to evaluate the role and value of new technology in farming operations.

$694K R&D grant for avocado development

R&D will enable implementation of intelligent irrigation and fertigation systems and real-time detection systems for soil and root health.

A compact fruit grader ideal for smaller runs

Zetapack graders are perfect for niche varieties, smaller packing sheds and are compact with a low footprint.

Pomegranate RD&E Plan paints bright future

Aim is to identify the priorities for the next phase of the industry and develop a strategic roadmap for the future.

Growcom unveils new look agvet chemical database

Database features all chemicals registered and approved by the APVMA.

Riverland fruit fly outbreak, sterile insects released to eradicate pest

More than 2.5 million sterile fruit flies have been released in the Riverland to battles outbreaks of Queensland fruit fly.

New season Ricó pears

Rico is a blush variety which tastes sensational and has some real personality.

Solid performance for Honey Gold mangoes

More Australians stayed home and ate in during the past year with higher prices for all tropical fruit.

Date industry project targets better yields

Date growers reporting strong demand for all varieties of locally produced dates.

Fruition Nova trap best for fruit fly control

Traps allows growers to more proactively manage fruit fly populations.