Four orchards join in Goulburn Valley deal

Four family-owned orchard businesses in Victoria's Goulburn Valley are merging into one company with the backing of foreign investment.

Indonesia renews CRA with Australia

Country Recognition Agreement renewal arrives three days prior to expiry, providing relief to Australia’s citrus exporters

Bravo apple production tipped to grow

Bravo apple production tipped to jump one million kilograms on last year.

Grants to protect Victorian apples and pears

Horticultural Netting Program grants available until 4 June 2021

Natural predators another link in biocontrol chain

Parasitoid wasps will be released in Victoria in a project designed to combat the spread of Qfly.

Biobest becomes new stakeholder in Biological Services

Biological Services now connected to a global network of production subsidiaries that spans more than 20 countries.

Beekeepers back genetic improvement to boost honey bee industry performance

'Plan Bee' is working with queen breeders, beekeepers and growers to build a national honey bee genetic improvement program.

Ausvine Kirogn pruners suit all tree crops

A large range of circular saw attachments for hedge cutting and tree pruning.

Sharing knowledge from citrus trials

Trials include heavy pruning and high nutrition treatments in Afourer mandarins.

Fruit grower gets largest NT water licence

Plans to build a 3500ha irrigated horticulture project.

Cracking a tough nut for macadamia growers

Thinner shells, bigger kernels and tougher husks for resisting pests.

Mobishear cordless pruners

Cordless pruning equipment designed to last.

Promising research in recycling almond waste

Biosolarization is a method of recycling waste biomass and disinfecting orchards.

Woolworths reveals details about its avocados

"The best case scenario for avocados being delivered from farm to shelf is around seven days."

World’s biggest macadamia processor expands facility

Expansion will ensure growers can take a bigger bite of export opportunities.