Enhancing fruit colour

Increased colour grades across a range of fruit - particularly citrus.

Putting the future of avocados on ice

Cryopreservation aims to preserve important avocado cultivars and key genetic traits.

NT tropical fruit grower expanding durian production

Top end farm also grows jackfruit, pomelo and mango.

CRISPR/Cas technology could enable early diagnosis of citrus greening disease

A US led team of scientists has developed a diagnostic test for early detection of citrus greening

Parasitoid wasps: The focus of a new biocontrol program for QFF

Project focuses on the use of Australian parasitic wasps, or parasitoids, that specifically attack QFF.

Using ‘directed evolution’ to develop a natural tool against Varroa

Potential for Metarhizium fungi to be a chemical-free way of neutralising Varroa mites

Soluble calcium boosts avocado fruit quality

Calcium plays a vital role in cell structure and strength.

Corteva helping citrus growers adapt to change

Excellent control of citrus leafminer and Light brown apple moth

Australian persimmon production bouncing back

The persimmons industry is expanding as recognition of the fruit continues to increase.

Proposed lime imports from Mexico an unacceptable biosecurity risk

Concern over lack of scientific enquiry around the recent outbreak of citrus canker in Mexico.

Using smart trackers to monitor cherry exports

Data loggers help improve product quality and reduce waste for Victorian exporters.

Mango industry aims for high-density plantings

Transforming orchards to high-density plantings produces higher yields and income.

Focus on the target for best nutrient results

The ‘4Rs’ - Right Place, Right Product, Right Rate and Right Time

BeeConnected on World Bee Day

BeeConnected is part of CropLife Australia’s Pollinator Protection Initiative.

Aiming for growth in Australia's tropical fruit industry

Conference is integral in driving expansion in the north and places northern agriculture on the national agenda.